High Blood Pressure is when you consistently read above 140/90.

There are different levels of High Blood Pressure.

Here is a little known statistic. For most people, drugs are likely NOT the best choice.

Here is why:

80% of people with High Blood Pressure are considered to have moderate or below moderate levels of high blood pressure.

According to the American Journal of Cardiology, drug treatment is not recommended in these individuals, as there is “little evidence these patients will achieve enough benefit to justify the costs and adverse effects of anti-hypertensive drug treatment.”

Blood pressure drugs have a lot of side effects. That is why the statement was made that there is not enough benefits to justify the adverse effects of the drug treatment.

Is there another approach for people with moderate or below moderate high blood pressure?


The best plan is to eat the right foods and do lab testing to detect and fix underlying problems.

I have lectured extensively on high blood pressure and helped many, many people improve their blood pressure with specific foods and supplements. I even wrote a protocol for My Nutrition Advisor that deals specifically with eating the right foods. (Details in the video above)

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This page contains a list of recommended foods for blood pressure and smoothie recipes that I created for blood pressure (Read here)

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