A few thousand years ago, the Greek physician Hippocrates noted that stomach problems and hives can be caused by milk. He also noted that eating foods you are sensitive to can cause many symptoms.

We now know that food allergies are related to many health conditions such as migraines, irritable bowel, colitis, auto-immune diseases, hyperactivity, asthma, eczema, fatigue, and many more.

There are two type of food allergies:

  1. Immediate onset allergies. Allergic symptoms to a food occur quickly, right after consumption of the allergic food. The cause and effect relationship between the food and symptoms is obvious.
  2. Delayed onset allergies. These are more common and cannot be detected by the standard skin scratch tests. These are commonly called “food sensitivities”. These food sensitivities can be caused by poor digestion, infection, liver or pancreatic dysfunction and inflammation.

Blood testing and pulse testing will commonly be the best place to start to determine the cause of the food allergy or sensitivity. Then diet modifications and supplements are recommended to address the problem. Many food sensitivities can be cleared up relatively quickly.

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