I have helped several thousand people get out of pain including over 500 professional athletes.

Pain can be caused by several things. Here are a couple common things I check for:

  1. Deficiencies, such as vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids and amino acids.
  2. Spinal and joint misalignments causing nerve interference, muscle spasming and joint grinding.

Here is an article I wrote on Pain:
If you have Pain, Avoid these Foods (read here)

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Here is a testimonial:
Heidi Hegg (age 52), World Class Athlete and 20-year career with the Anchorage Fire Dept.
5-Sport World Class Athlete in:
-Alpine Ski Racing
-National Cycling Team
-4 National Titles in Shotokan Karate
-Olympic Trials Ice Hockey as a goaltender
-Heavy Weight Bodybuilding 2nd in Nationals and North Americans

Heidi Hegg

Heidi Hegg

“Day 1:
OMG Doc I am sure you have heard this many times but this morning was the 1st time in over 25 yrs I was able to pop out of bed with NO low BACK PAIN and my neck not feeling bound up! Jaw was more relaxed also this morning with only 1/4 of the point tenderness in the back of my scull. I was afraid to move all day wondering if I was dreaming lol.
I’ve been to many many highly respected Chiros around the country and never had such a powerful result in 1 visit! I’m a believer in your Percussion program now!

Day 2:
Back still feels awesome and was able to get right up out of bed. The back of my skull is still Not tender and both nights had crazy ass dreams, which I haven’t dreamt in years. Is that normal to get vivid dreams after treatment? Well, I am blown away and Soooooo appreciative after all these years of pain and discomfort. Have already spoke to a dozen, as well and some in Alaska. I can’t imagine how much better life is going to be with being on a maintenance program”

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