There are specific blood tests to look at the stress response.  It doesn’t matter if you are a housewife or a professional athlete, stress can knock you down, blast your immune system, mess up your hormones, destroy your sleep, change your blood sugar, increase your appetite and make your worry about anything and everything.

I have many years and hundreds of patients of experience in fixing these problems.  In fact, many fight coaches for the UFC would regularly bring their fighters to me a week before the fight so I could help them normalize adrenal gland function.

Here is a fighter one month after seeing me for adrenal fatigue.

Before and After Adrenal Fatigue

Before and After Adrenal Fatigue

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“One of my fighters was so burned out that he was worrying about everything. He told me he wanted to retire. I took him to see Dr. Fitzgerald. A few days later he was back to normal and a week later he won his fight. Thanks again Doc”Shawn