Taking testosterone will cause a reduction of your own natural testosterone production resulting in needing to take higher and higher levels of testosterone therapy to try to achieve desired results.

There are safer, healthier options. Low testosterone is not the primary problem. The body will distribute resources to the most important areas first, such as the heart, liver, brain, kidneys. Having sex and building large muscles are really secondary functions.

In fact, one of the first signs of poor health in men is a decline in testosterone and sexual function.

There are typically underlying conditions contributing to low testosterone levels. The solution is to identify these areas of weakness for correction and this will allow the body to restore hormones to their optimal levels.

Fixing these problems can do two things.

  1. You improve to the point where you don’t need to take testosterone.
  2. You improve to the point where the testosterone you are taking is now working better because everything else is balanced.

We provide extensive testing services and a complete analysis with report once the testing is completed.

You may find that this is the approach you have been looking for.

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“I started taking prescription testosterone. My doctor did a test and I was low. That was the only test he performed. I was referred to Dr. Fitzgerald, who did extensive testing on me. It turned out my liver
was working properly, which also influences testosterone. I was also estrogen dominant. After making
a few eating changes and taking some supplements, I am completely amazed how I feel. My sex drive increased and I started sleeping better. I am so glad that I found a doctor that does this testing.”Zach