Now Accepting New Patients

A Few People I’ve Worked With

Chris Algieri

Boxer (WBO Champion)

Chris Algieri and Dr. John Fitzgerald

Michael Waters

Owner of Phase 1 Sports

Michael Waters and Dr. John Fitzgerald

Catherine Hickland

Actress (One Life to Live)

Catherine Hickland and Dr. John Fitzgerald

Guy Mezger

President of HDNET Fights

Guy Mezger and Dr. John Fitzgerald

Jay Kordic


Jay Kordic and Dr. John Fitzgerald

Travis Bagent

Arm Wrestling Champion

Travis Bagent and Dr. John Fitzgerald

Anthony Birchak

UFC Fighter

Anthony Birchak and Dr. John Fitzgerald

Brice Ritani-Coe

Boxer (New Zealand)

Brice Ritani-Coe and Dr. John Fitzgerald

Brent Hess & Tim “Bring the Pain” Lane

MMA Fighter & Kickboxing World Champion

Brent Hess, Tim Lane and Dr. John Fitzgerald

Kim Couture & Chris “Cyborg” Santos

MMA Fighter & MMA Fighter (Champion)

Matt Van Buren & Brandon Vera

           UFC Fighter & UFC Fighter                            

Matt Van Buren, Brandon Vera and Dr. John Fitzgerald

Jake Ellenberger & Chael Sonnen

           UFC Fighter & UFC Fighter                            

Jake Ellenberger, Chael Sonnen and Dr. John Fitzgerald


“I just wanted to thank you again for today. My chest feels 100% better. I can breathe now”Sydney Wise
“His adjustments are unbelievably effective. He doesn’t crack and instead uses a handheld machine that delivers pulsed vibration into the joint. He can fix things that no one else can…

By far the best Chiropractor I have even been to.”Kim Couture, Pro MMA fighter and business entrepreneur

“Being a professional athlete, I need to take care of my body. Since I have been working with John I perform better and recover better. He is really good at what he does and after you have talked with him for 5 minutes you know you are with someone who is not only the best, but he will bend over backward to help you” Gray Maynard, famous MMA Fighter
“John Fitzgerald really helped me understand the reason why I should take supplements as a professional athlete. Every time I talk to him I learn something. I have seen him the last 3 years and he is one of the reasons I am still fighting at a high level at 40 years old. Thanks for all your help doc!!” Ray Sefo, 6-time World kick boxing champion from New Zealand, actor and businessman
“It is a real blessing knowing you John. You’re a great person doing a great service. I appreciate you. Thanks”Jake McDonald, Poker Player
“I really wish that I had met Dr. Fitzgerald early in my athletic career versus the end. He has been crucial in helping me stay at my physical best (even in retirement). Dr. John Fitzgerald’s advice and wisdom is something all of us should take to heart.”Guy Mezger, UFC Champion, 5-time World Champion, and President of HD Net Fights