About Dr. John Fitzgerald

Dr. John Fitzgerald at Zyto
I have a Doctor of Chiropractic degree (1994) from Palmer Chiropractic College and also a Bachelors of Science degree.
--- I played football in college and got into chiropractic after a football injury, then got into clinical nutrition after my father was diagnosed with cancer in 1990.
--- I am known as one of the OGs for using pulsed vibrational instruments to perform chiropractic adjustments.  As a student,  I started using instrument adjusting when Dr Vern Pierce (deceased) introduced the prototypes at the Palmer College Research Center.
--- I interned with Dr. Pierce and Dr. Burl Pettibon (deceased) when they worked together performing research at the Sherman Chiropractic College research center.  Before, During and After I interned with them, I taught at many seminars for instrument adjusting .  Most of the chiropractic instruments used today, came from our input at this research center.
--- I have been in Las Vegas since 2003 and gained quite a bit of notoriety from the professional athletes and actors that I have helped. However, athletes are only a small portion of my patients.
--- I have seen around 50,000 patients for chiropractic treatment and now practice part-time helping people get out of pain.

About Dr. JD Brooks

I hold a Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Palmer College.
I am from Las Vegas and grew up playing baseball locally as well as at the junior college and division one level. In 2015, I found inspiration to pursue chiropractic when I became a patient of Dr. Fitzgerald. I sought treatment for a baseball injury and witnessed the power and effectiveness of high-level chiropractic care.
After completing my education, I had the opportunity to apprentice under and train with Dr. Fitzgerald, significantly enhancing my skills. I currently work alongside him, utilizing the same low force vibrational instrument adjusting technique. 
I've always known that in my career I wanted to help people. Nothing brings me greater fulfillment than helping people break free from pain and embrace a life of well being.

100 Interesting People I've Worked With

  1. Cindy Williams – Actress (Laverne and Shirley)
  2. Anthony Birchak – UFC Fighter
  3. Marco Rafalovich –
  4. Bernie Vendlinski – Thai boxer
  5. Eric LaCroix - NHL
  6. Brandon Vera – UFC Fighter
  7. Brent Hess – MMA Fighter
  8. Brice Ritani-Coe - Boxer (New Zealand)
  9. Brodie Merrill - Canadian Lacrosse player
  10. Catherine Hickland - Actress (One Life to Live)
  11. Chael Sonnen – UFC Fighter
  12. Chris Algieri – Boxer (WBO Champion)
  13. Chris "Cyborg" Santos – MMA Fighter (Champion)
  14. Chris Horodecki – UFC Fighter
  15. Chris McElroy – Canadian Lacrosse player
  16. Dean Donlon – Shark Tank
  17. Denley Fowlke – Co-Owner of Sunwarrior
  18. Doug Reese – College Wrestling Coach
  19. Dan Schreder – Navy Seal and owner Seal Outdoor Challenge
  20. Danielle Barone – Yoga
  21. Dennis Davis – MMA Fighter
  22. Dustin Phillips – MMA Fighter
  23. Elaina Maxwell – MMA Fighter, and Thai Kickboxer
  24. Elena Reid – Boxer (Champion)
  25. Eric Uresk – MMA Fighter
  26. Erin Hawksworth - CNN Newscaster
  27. Evan Dunham – UFC Fighter
  28. Frank Trigg – UFC Hall of Famer
  29. Gian Villante – MMA Fighter
  30. Gil Martinez – Boxing Coach for Several Champions
  31. Gray Maynard – UFC Fighter
  32. Guy Mezger – UFC Fighter (Champion) and President of HDNET Fights
  33. Ryan Whyte Maloney – The Voice
  1. Igor Ledowski – Street Hypnosis
  2. Jacquelynn Holland – Acress (Menopause and Mama Mia)
  3. Jake Ellenberger – UFC Fighter
  4. Jake Shannon – Owner of Scientific Wrestling
  5. James Thompson – UFC Fighter
  6. Jason Trevino – MMA Fighter
  7. Englebert Humperdinck – Singer
  8. Jay Hieron – UFC Fighter
  9. Jay Glazer - Fox Sports
  10. Martin LaCroix – NHL
  11. Jimmy Quinlan – Canadian Lacrosse player
  12. Jennifer Lier – Miss America contestant and actress
  13. Blair Cobbs – Boxing Champion
  14. John Alessio – UFC Fighter
  15. John Gunderson – UFC Fighter
  16. John Juarez – MMA Fighter
  17. Josh Burkman – UFC Fighter
  18. Josh Haynes – UFC Fighter
  19. Josh Hendricks – UFC Fighter
  20. Katalina Malungahu – MMA Fighter
  21. Kekoa Quipotla – Owner House of Ryu and Tapout Gyms
  22. Kim Couture – MMA Fighter
  23. Gene Tosti - Security Professional
  24. Kristy Sinsara – Author
  25. Chanel Ryan - Actress
  26. Dave "Scooter" Honig – Trainer
  27. Lloyd Irvin – UFC Coach
  28. Luciano Pellegrini – Italian Chef
  29. Martin Kampmann – UFC Fighter
  30. Matt Van Buren – UFC Fighter
  31. Maurice Jackson – MMA Fighter
  32. Michael Chandler – MMA Fighter (Bellator Champion)
  33. Michael Hobby – MMA Fighter
  1. Michael Waters – Owner of Phase 1 Sports
  2. Mike Bronzoulis – Bellator Fighter
  3. Mike Dizak – MMA Fighter
  4. Mike Goldberg – UFC Commentator
  5. Nikolas Fekete – UFC Fighter
  6. Phil Baroni – UFC Fighter
  7. Phil Friedman – MMA Fighter and WWE performer
  8. Randy Couture – UFC Hall of Famer & Actor
  9. Ray Florio – Founder of the Spirit Bar
  10. Ray Sefo – World Champion KickBoxer and President of World Series of Fighting
  11. Ricco Rodriguez – UFC Fighter (Champion)
  12. Richie Murphy – MMA Fighter
  13. Robert Drysdale – MMA Fighter and Jiu Jitsu World Champion
  14. Roger Dabney – Martial Arts
  15. Roman Isbell – MMA Fighter
  16. Ryan Couture – UFC Fighter
  17. Ryan McNish – Canadian Lacrosse Player
  18. Sam Stout – UFC Fighter
  19. Willy Gault – NFL Receiver
  20. Shawn DeVooght – MMA Fighter
  21. Shawn Tompkins – UFC Coach
  22. Shaun Goodrich - Photographer (Penthouse)
  23. Sidney Silva – Jiu Jitsu competitor
  24. Terry Cook - College Wrestler - Sponsor University of Iowa Wrestling Club
  25. Tim Lane – Kickboxing World Champion & Coach
  26. Todd Duffee – UFC Fighter
  27. Todd Fisher – Actor (Debbie Reynold’s Son)
  28. Tom Lutz – MMA Fighter
  29. Travis Bagent – Arm Wrestling Champion
  30. Travis Lutter – UFC Fighter
  31. Ron Motley – Lawyer who won tobacco lawsuit
  32. Vitor Belfort – UFC Fighter (Champion)
  33. Vitor Vianna – MMA Fighter
  34. Nick Carter - Backstreet Boys

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I just got done with my lift and I cannot thank you enough. I feel like a million dollars. Thank-you!Christian Santillanes college baseball
Once you get adjusted in this manner, you will not go anyplace else. I refer to Chiropractors regularly and the results from Dr. Fitzgerald is simply amazing. One of my patients was going to physical therapy and another chiropractor a few times a week for many months. Dr. Fitzgerald gave her one adjustment and the next morning she regained the feeling in her arm.Karina - massage therapist
Our teams have been using Chiropractors for many, many years. Dr. Fitzgerald is a unicorn, unlike anyone else we have used. Every single member of the team chooses Dr. Fitzgerald when we give them a choice of who they want to go to.Gene Tosti - security professional
Hi, Dr. Fitzgerald! Its been awhile since I have been able to see you. I just never have time for myself anymore. Baby is well and happy. Delivery went perfect. Thank you for all your help during my pregnancy. I will come for an adjustment hopefully sooner than later!Missy Trevino
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