There are many vitamins and minerals that are necessary for your thyroid gland to function properly.

Deficiencies can cause Hypothyroid and even Hashimoto’s Disease. We test for deficiencies and then make specific supplement and food recommendations.

With thyroid diseases, such as Hashimoto’s, gut flora, digestion and food sensitivities must be addressed in detail.

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We provide extensive testing services and a complete analysis with report once the testing is completed.

You may find that this is the approach you have been looking for.

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“I had a slow thyroid, was on medication and had weighed well over 300 lbs. I felt horrible. Dr. Fitzgerald did testing that no other doctor had done. He found some specific problems and gave me instructions on what supplements to take. Within a week I felt like a new person. My other doctor, said that my thyroid hormone prescription was now working properly. Once I started taking those supplements, everything was working again. I actually dropped down to 170 lbs and feel great.”Josh